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 The film train to busan tells the story of a journey on crete to the city of busan colored with zombie-smelling actions.

The film begins, when Jinyang City is quarantined due to a small biotech leak,

then someone came, let's call it an old man who brought a pick up car, the old man was allowed to walk back,

but when the old man was nagging while taking his cellphone, he accidentally hit a deer to death, the old man went away saying that today was his unlucky day.

Without realizing it, the deer came back to life like a zombie.

then. Sin continued to Seok-woo, an investment manager, let's just call Mr. Woo, then Mr. Woo called his subordinate, Kim, Kim was told to solve the company's problems that were going on, then he asked Kim, what toys are liked by children today .

Then, Sin is still with Mr. Woo who is on the phone with his wife, they are separated from home. At that time, the wife asked Mr. Woo to make up. But Mr. Woo did not care about his wife.

Mr. woo told his wife that he would take care of their son Soo-an. Mr. Woo's wife said that their son wanted to celebrate his birthday with him tomorrow.

Mr. Woo went home, when he got home, Mr. Woo was greeted by his mother, Mr. Woo immediately went to his daughter named Soo-an, or we call sister Soo, at that time Soo's sister was on the phone with her mother in a blanket. Soo's sister says that she wants to go to her mother's place tomorrow even if she takes the train to Busan alone.

His son was very sad, because Mr. Woo was not present when Soo's sister sang the performance because Mr. Woo was busy working. After seeing the recording of soo's sister singing, finally Pak wo took Soo's sister to his wife's house,

Mr. woo took sister soo early in the morning because in the afternoon, Mr. woo wanted to work.

The atmosphere at the station is still normal, a group of school baseball players and kak jin are already on the train, so are grandmother jong and her sister, grandmother gil

Mr. woo and sister soo have also entered the carriage,

However, when the train was about to leave, suddenly a mysterious woman entered the train without the officer's sight, finally the train departed.

When the train had just departed, the situation outside turned out to be a scuffle, Soo's sister who looked at the window looked so shocked.

Then, Soo's sister went to the bathroom alone without Pak Woo's knowledge, it turned out that in the toilet there was already a wak rivet who looked scared, wak rivet seemed to already know the situation outside and was desperate.

Sin continues towards the mysterious woman, it turns out that the woman has been bitten by a Zombie, the woman has been infected, she tries to prevent the virus from flowing throughout her body,

Soo's sister continued to the next carriage's toilet, there she found Mr. Sang who was waiting for his wife inside, Soo's sister continued to the next carriage's toilet,

Then, Mr. Woo wakes up to a call by Kim and sees Soo's sister who is not there, at that time Kim reports the problem that is happening.

Back to the mysterious woman, the woman fell, turned out to be a full-fledged zombie, the flight attendants tried to help her, instead of helping, the beautiful lady got bitten and became a zombie too

Then the atmosphere became chaotic and messy, and one by one the people on the train became zombies,

Mr. Woo is looking for Soo's sister in the toilet, Mr. Woo is surprised to see 1 carriage has become a zombie, then Mr. Woo runs carrying Soo's sister, the zombie troops are chasing them,

Buk Sang came out of the bathroom and was shocked to see the zombies, Pak Sang and Buk Sang also ran towards the safe carriage,

But when Pak Sang and Buk Sang were about to enter, the door was closed by Pak Woo, Soon's sister said she knew Pak Sang and Buk Sang, finally Pak Woo opened the door for them.

Turns out, the zombie couldn't open the door, and the zombie was also vicious when he saw people who weren't infected, but then put the newspaper on the glass so the zombies couldn't see them.

Mr. Sang is angry with Mr. Woo for closing the door earlier.

The sound of Mr. Woo's cellphone rings, it turns out that his mother is at home asking about Mr. Woo's condition, it seems that his mother has been infected by the zombie virus too.

Then the steward announced that the train would stop at Daejeon station, the military was deployed to secure the train from zombie attacks,

Then Mr. Yong called his acquaintance who was in Daejeon to ask about the situation, Mr. Woo also called his acquaintance to be safe at the station, Wak Rivet heard Mr. Woo's conversation with his acquaintance,

The train arrived at Daejeon station, the atmosphere was quiet, no one was there, one by one the passengers got off, all walked towards the station and went out to the station square, but Mr. Woo and Soo's sister passed the eastern part of the station for pick up, Wak Rivet heard Mr. Woo. On the call, he immediately followed Mr. Woo, after hearing Wak Rive's words, Brother Soo immediately wanted to call everyone to invite him to the east to be picked up too, but again Mr. Woo said to take care of yourself first at a time like this, Brother Soo sad because Mr. woo is selfish,

After everyone descended the stairs to get to the station square, it turned out that the situation was getting worse, the prepared military soldiers had become zombies, everyone rushed back to the train, but half of the people were consumed by zombies,

Meanwhile, Soon's sister who wanted to be attacked by zombies was saved by Pak Sang and Buk Sang, Pak Woo was almost bitten, finally Pak Sang, Pak Woo, Bang Yong and his friends held the door so that the zombies wouldn't come close so the others could escape.

When they wanted to get on the train again, suddenly the glass on the train broke and the zombies scattered, everyone tried to save themselves, but buk sang, sister soo, wak rivet, and grandmother gil got on a different carriage,

The glass that was held by Mr. Woo and his friends could not survive and was about to break they ran to save themselves. The glass was shattered, hordes of zombies scattered.

With a struggle, the 3 of them finally boarded the train in carriage 9.

Buk Sang and his friends were trapped in the toliet carriage 13, while the safe zone was in carriage 15,

Without thinking, these 3 Swordsmen immediately put the safety on their hands so they wouldn't be bitten by the zombies,

They passed 4 carriages filled with zombies to be in the place of buk sang and friends,

Carriage 10 they passed by hitting the zombies,

Carriage 11 turned out to be filled with zombie friends, Bang Yong, they passed by hitting back, but Bang Yong was silent, the train went dark when it entered the tunnel. Instantly the zombies were silent not ferocious, these 3 warriors also managed to get through it,

Carriage 12 they passed when entering the tunnel, and using Pak Sang's cellphone as the angler,

Finally they met the CS book,

The 7 of them continued on to the next carriage until they got to car 15 to a safe place,

They also continued to the next carriage when it was dark, this time they crawled on the place to put the goods, they succeeded, but wak rivet slipped, Mr. woo helped him and suddenly.... They came back safe

While Mr. Sang Pak Woo held the door, Bg Yong opened the door that was closed by them in Car 15 and immediately broke the glass of the door,

Mr. Sang was bitten by a zombie, finally Mr. Sang sacrificed himself to hold all the zombies, and he asked Mr. Woo to take care of his wife.

Mr. who has no morals immediately closed the other door, there was a fight to open and close the door, after quite tiring, finally Mr. Woo and his friends managed to get into carriage 15, only granny gil did not survive,

After that, Mr. Woo had a fight with this father who had no morals, Mr. Yon even said that they had been infected, and had to be separated from them.

Mr. Woo's entourage was in the flight attendant's room, while the father had no morals, this was still carriage 15, kak jil went with bang yong to the stewardess carriage,

Because of Granny Jong's sadness, she doesn't want to be with people who are selfish, Granny Jong is very disappointed and sad to see her brother become a zombie.

grandmother jong immediately opened the door, the zombies attacked, finally the people in carriage 15 were attacked by the zombie army.

Kim calls Mr. Woo, and says that it turns out that this zombie outbreak is a project from Biotech, which is where Mr. Woo works that is used to defeat the government. Mr. woo looks so sorry

Then the train stopped because something was blocking it, it turned out that the father of this scumbag was still alive and hiding with the flight attendant,

They got out of the train, while Mr. Yon sacrificed the steward to get out of the toilet, suddenly from the opposite direction another train appeared on fire, a car crash occurred, Bang Yong and Kak Ji survived, they rushed to find a safe place, but once again Mr. This bastard sacrificed kak ji so that the zombies wouldn't chase him, sis ji became a zombie, because bang yong didn't want to leave sis ji, finally bang yong became a zombie too, while pak yon the no morals could run away, but when he wanted to catch the train , Mr. yon stumbled and again this old fart sacrificed the captain of the driver, he finally managed to get on the train.

On the other hand, Mr. Woo, soo's sister, buk sang, and wak rivet, are seen trapped in the wreckage of the train, suddenly the glass of the train breaks, then zombies scatter, but wak rivet sacrifices himself so that the others can run.

They also ran accompanied by hundreds of zombies chasing them, finally after a tiring struggle they finally managed to get on the running train.

It turned out that the old fart had become a zombie on the train, then Pak Woo was bitten by Pak Yon the land monitor lizard.

The atmosphere became dramatic, Mr. Woo, who turned into a zombie, told kn buk the way to stop the train, and Mr. Woo gave his last words to Soo's sister, the atmosphere became emotional, finally Mr. Woo committed suicide while remembering the birthday of Soo's sister,

After arriving at a border, buk sang stopped the train, they got out of the train into the tunnel, the military soldiers on guard were about to shoot and thought buk sang and sister soo were zombies,

But after soo's sister sings, they don't shoot and immediately pick them up.

The movie is over

The lesson we can take from the film is concern for others and the time needed by family,

Keep the spirit and keep the health protocol

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